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Embody Your Highest Goddess Potential in less than 33 Minutes a Day!


Daily Self Discovery Practices

& Journal Prompts


Daily Yoga & Fitness Videos,

Recipes & Meal Plans


Daily Meditations, Spiritual

Practices & More!

Join Our Sacred Sisterhood

We have our very own private community on the app to share our experiences, hold space and encourage one another during our sacred journey together. This is similar to a Facebook feed where you can share photos and thoughts, but you can post as yourself or anonymously. This allows us to speak openly and share on levels we are often afraid to in society today. Gone are the days where women competed, sabotaged and talked down to one another. We’re building a new sisterhood of love and true empowerment. This is a safe, nonjudgemental, supportive space to grow and rise up together.

You are safe. You are supported. Together we rise higher.

BONUS: Earn Points & Cash Rewards!

By sharing your journey with friends, completing practices and creating recipes you can earn Goddess points to spend at The Goddess Shop! Have fun and stay motivated by challenging yourself to reach new levels.

 All Practices are 33 Minutes or Less

We all have busy lifestyles as modern Goddesses juggling so much, so we have made all of the practices 33 minutes or less. This program has been tested to achieve ultimate results on all levels: mind, body and spirit, without needing to spend hours a day on your practices and workouts.

New Guest Teachers, Videos & Recipes Every Month!

Every month our journey is guided by a new Goddess Archetype, a sacred theme and an expert guest teacher!

“Krystal is great at welcoming new students to ancient practices and philosophies while explaining them in a relatable way. I am beyond grateful this app came into my. It has changed it for the better in so many ways.”
“Through these teachings I’ve reconnected with the sensual, proud & playful lover I once was. My inner flame is reignited and it feels sooo good! So grateful for this app, it’s taught me how to embrace my feminine power at any age.”
“Following Krystal changed my life & introduced me to spirituality and self love. This app BLEW me away! I can’t believe how much she’s offering for such a low cost. I think every woman in the world should have The Goddess App!”

Join Our Sisterhood Today

We’re in this together, and together we rise higher.